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Welcome to Play It Forward Kids Helping kids find renewed hope through sports Launching a new program called - The Gold Medal Dreamer playitforwardkids.com

Gold Medal Dreamer

In 2011 “Play it Forward Kids” launched a new program called “The Gold Medal Dreamer”

Play it Forward Kids is a non-profit organization that buys sports equipment for “deserving” kids (many of these kids/families are going through rough times, and/or are sick)

Every year we buy 25-30 kids new skates at Mullins Sports and encourage them to stay active and have fun! Our Gold medal Dreamer program targets those kids that are even less fortunate than the above mentioned. Often these are kids that live in group homes and really need to experience unconditional love.

Our gold medal Dream Team has made several dreams come true, from Limo rides to Montreal Canadiens games with tours of the Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame and zamboni rides, to zoo therapy and horseback riding lessons in the country!

We have started something wonderful, are proud of our past and excited for what the future holds for us!

We hope that you will be a part of it!